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Interview: Mina SayWhat with Melanie Fiona (Full Audio)

Got am email from you-tube saying they pulled down my Melanie Fiona interview clip because her label, UMG, cited it was “copyright infringement.”   That’s an interview i did for a professional radio company (SIRIUS XM), therefore i believe it is within my right to post a clip from it, however it is what it is!  They might not want that free ...

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Mixtape Review: Chris Brown “Boy In Detention”

Chris Brown put out a mixtape in early August titled, “Boy In Detention,” and I’ve been meaning to write up on it. Creatively Breezy is doing more of some thing we’ve been seeing a lot from him lately, rapping, and leaving the singing to others in some songs. Commercially Breezy’s niche is the r&b and (now) dance songs.  I believe he ...

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Rock The Bells 2011 x Governor’s Island, NY

Yesterday Sat. Sept. 3rd, I had the privileged of once again attending this years Rock The Bells show at Governor’s Island in NY with my baby daddy Nas headlining.  Besides the ridiculous amount of time it took me to get to and from the island from the OD crowded Ferry, i really enjoyed the show.  The amazing line up included Nas, Lauryn Hill, Wu ...

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