Mixtape: The Dream – Terius Nash 1977

This is an amazing mixtape! Some of these songs (besides “Ghetto”) could actually be singles. A lot of the music seems to be about his ex-wife Christina Millian, who he recently spit from because he was caught cheating with his assistant. “Used To Be” sounds like it’s directed towards Millian.  On this mixtape The Dream also introduces his new artist ...

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Mixtape Review: Chris Brown “Boy In Detention”

Chris Brown put out a mixtape in early August titled, “Boy In Detention,” and I’ve been meaning to write up on it. Creatively Breezy is doing more of some thing we’ve been seeing a lot from him lately, rapping, and leaving the singing to others in some songs. Commercially Breezy’s niche is the r&b and (now) dance songs.  I believe he ...

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