#SayWhatNews New I Phone Update Will Track How Often You Have Sex

ios 9

All the hoopla about Drake announcing Apple’s new music service Connect made us forget to take about the changes that are coming to the IPhone. The upcoming iOs9 update will come with a sex tracker. The function will allow you to keep track of your reproductive health including how often you have sex and whether or not you used protection. ...

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News: BB King’s Daughters Report Foul Play


Last week legendary blues artist BB King passed away at the age of 89 and his daughters have come forward to reveal that they believe their father was poisoned. Patty King and Karen Williams both issued statements claiming that their dad was poisoned with “foreign substances” administered by his close associates. They think that his business manager and personal assistant ...

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#SayWhatNews ESPN Reporter Wants To Ban Children From Press Conferences

RIley Curry and Steven Curry

So Stef Curry’s daughter Riley stole the show and made the news after Curry and the Warriors beat the Rockets in game 1 of the western conference. She is the cutest! He kept interrupting Curry with cute little saying and then he started to play hide and seek with the table. We’ll not everyone thought little Riley was entertaining. Some ...

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#SayWhatNews Spotify Adds Video To Music Service And Teams Up With Starbucks


Spotify has plans to get into the video streaming and Podcasts service. Yesterday the company announced their plans to expand in order to keep up with the changing music streaming service landscape. They have plans to provide video clips from a variety of news sources as well as Comedy Central. They also will offer original programming. No word on when ...

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#SayWhatNews Boxing Fans Suing Manny Pacquiao


After the ‘fight of the century’ over the weekend it came to light that Manny Pacquiao is suffering from a shoulder injury. Fans are furious and some have decided to take legal action. Two people in Nevada have filed a lawsuit $5 million against the boxer accusing him of “defrauding ticket buyers, television viewers and gamblers” by failing to disclose ...

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#SayWhatNews Kardashians Haters Are Going To Love This


These days it seems like you can’t avoid seeing some kinds of news about that Kardashian clan everywhere you turn. An app developer named James Shamsi, may have a solution to this problem, however. He has created a program called ‘Kardblock’ that will keep anything Kardashian-related from showing up in your web browser. The app’s official site says, “We’re tired ...

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