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#SayWhatNews TIME Mocked For Explaining ‘Bae’


In a July 23rd article, TIME magazine thought it was pressing to define the word “bae” to its readers through a piece called “”This is what ‘bae’ means,” The article says that the term took off in 2013 and has been rocketed to popularity by hip hop artists like Pharrell with songs like “Come Get It Bae”. The article read, ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Kimye Reportedly Hire North West Body Double


According to reports Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were looking for a body double for baby North West. They supposedly held auditions and hired a baby look-alike for the 1 year old and shelled out a whopping $500,000 for it. A source said, “There were auditions held in LA at a specialist agency and in the end they found a ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews NBA Store Already Sold Out Of LeBron Jerseys


Despite Lebron James’ indecisiveness regarding his number- 6 or 23- fans are still flocking to buy his jersey. Since announcing his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the LBJ jerseys in the NBA store have temporarily sold out. ESPN sports analyst Darren Rovell tweeted, “The @NBAStore says it has now sold out of LeBron replica Cavs home, away & alternate jerseys” ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Kim K Video Game Bringing In Big Money

Kim Kardashian Video Game

Kim Kardashian stands to make around $85 MILLION from the new video game iPhone app. According to sources, Kim’s cut is 45% of net profits.  The game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is set to gross a reported $200 million this year alone. Expenses to make the game are $10 million so the net after that is subtracted is 190 million.  That’s ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Erin Andrews Replaces Pam Oliver On Fox

Erin Andrews vs Pam Oliver

Twitter likes to talk about Pam Oliver’s hair and how horrible she looks. Well thanks to you haters she’s been replaced.  Fox has hired Erin Andrews to replace Pam Oliver. Pam will give up her sideline duties for first team after the upcoming NFL season to focus on long-form pieces, some producing and Showtime specials according to the report. She ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Lebron Announces Team Choice

Lebron Im Coming Home

Lebron is going home to Cleveland. Bye Miami. “My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball,” James told in a first-person essay. “I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now. The hardest thing to leave is what I built with those guys. I’ve talked to some of them and will talk to others. Nothing will ever ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Proof Lebron is Leaving Miami

Lebron Cleveland Cavaliers

Basketball fans are sitting on pins and needles waiting for Lebron James next move. The latest reports suggest that the free agent may be making the move to Cleveland which would fall in line with the fact that the Cavs made more cap space with recent trades. Adding fuel to the rumor fire is the fact that a picture of ... Read More »

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