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#SayWhatNews Weed Delivered Through An App


Need trees? There’s an app for that. Two students from the University of Washington have developed an app that connects medical marijuana patients to their pot and has it delivered to their door. The app is called Canary and is described as an “Uber for marijuana”. Right now the 24/7 service app will be offered in Seattle with plans to ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Stabbing And Shooting During BET Parties


On Saturday night a man was stabbed inside of an LA night club while attending a BET Awards pre-show day party. The incident took place at Toxic on the dance floor after a fight broke out.  The man allegedly was stabbed in the club and then went outside as he was bleeding to wait for the ambulance. The party was ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews Fine Felon Jeremy Meeks Speaks On His New Fame


Jeremy Meeks, the felon who has stolen the hearts of countless women since his mug shot went viral last week, has responded to all of the media attention he has been receiving as of late. Meeks was arrested on weapons and gang charges and when a news source posted his mug shot online it immediately received hundreds of thousands of ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews 4 Year Old Louisiana Girl Becomes Viral Sensation

The CeceShow

Lil Terio move over! There’s a new viral sensation out here and she’s coming for your crown. The girls name is Cece and she is 4 years old. She’s from Louisiana.  She’s been making instagram videos making fun of every celebrity from Nicki Minaj to Kevin Hart.  Kevin even reposted her video. I just seen a picture of her with Meek, French ... Read More »

#SayWhatNews You Tube Getting Rid Of Independent Artist Music


YouTube is starting a new music services and will remove music videos by any independent artist because the independent labels which they belong to have refused to agree terms with Youtube and Google. Google, which owns Youtube, has been renegotiating contracts as the site prepares to launch this service rumored to be called You Tube Music Pass. They claim it ... Read More »

#SayWhatNew Donald Sterling Agrees To Sell Clippers

Donald Sterling

Yesterday Donald Sterling signed an official agreement to sell the LA Clipper- which he has owned for 33 years. The buyer is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who is coming out of pocket for $2 billion to buy the team. Sterling’s attorney Maxwell Blecher said that he “has made an agreement with the NBA to resolve all their differences.” This ... Read More »

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