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LMAO: Taylor Swift Raps Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” (Video)

T. Swift is too trill. When she found out that her latest album ‘1989’ oversold first week projections of 650K by selling nearly 1.3 million copies she took to Instagram to let us know how she really feels. She posted a video of herself lip-rapping over Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Backseat Freestyle’ and it is on point! Watch below! Industry experts predicted ...

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LMAO: Drake Shoots Air Ball During Kentucky Warmup

It’s a good thing he has that whole music thing going for him. Drake’s made it painstakingly clear he is a devout Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan. So during the school’s Midnight Madness pep-rally last night, Drizzy felt the need to not only show up, but to fully take part in the team’s practice. Unfortunately, Aubs didn’t realize that his range ...

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LMAO: DMX Rides Sling Shot Ride, Again…And His Reaction Is Just What You’d Think

DMX took on his most recent counterpart, the Sling-Shot…for round number 2. This time, X made sure he played it cooler than the previous ride, and kept it G with his bogie. If you didn’t see his first experience on the ride, check out BOTH videos below now, and I can guarantee nothing will be more amusing than this for ...

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