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News: Chance the Rapper Turns Down $10 Million Deals

Since pulling in three Grammy wins, labels have been knocking on Chance the Rapper’s door with numerous deals. According to an inside source, Chance is turning down $10 million deals in order to stay independent. Chance has long been a proponent of being an independent artist and has said that ‘if you put effort into something and you execute properly, ...

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News: Another Future Album On The Way?

This past Friday Future released a self titled album and according to reports, another album could be on the way much sooner than we would have expected. Future will be dropping another album this Friday called HNDRXX. Future tagged Rihanna and the Weeknd in his announcement on Instagram. The quick turn around times aren’t new for him considering last year ...

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News: PornHub Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Rihanna’s 29th birthday and the ‘happy birthday’ messages poured in. Among those wishing the singer well was PornHub. They tweeted, ’#HappyBirthdayRihanna We’ve updated your favorite Brazilian category for you! Love you Kween.’. This was in response to a tweet she posted back in 2012 where she said she loved the #brazilians and #latinos on the site. In addition ...

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New: Russell Simmons to Host “I Am Muslim Too” Rally

Russell Simmons is hosting an ‘I Am Muslim Too’ rally in Times Square this Sunday to protest Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants and the problematic anti-Muslim narrative he promotes. During a press release Simmons said that ‘Everyone except white mrivileged males are in immediate danger’. He is calling for unity and Americans to band together for compassion and equality. The ...

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