Interviews: 2011 Mina SayWhat

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For 9 months in 2011 I hosted an old school hip hop internet show on titled “80s Is Enough.” I conducted many interviews, however these are the stand outs! Kangol Kid from UTFO [youtube][/youtube] Kool DJ Red Alert Kool DJ Red Alert with Mina SayWhat by Mina SayWhat Dres from Blacksheep Dres from Blacksheep talks to Mina SayWhat by ...

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Interview: Mina SayWhat with Kangol Kid

Mina SayWhat with Kangol Kid

Kangol Kid (UTFO) and Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) talk about the legendary groups trend setting and 80s hit “Roxanne Roxanne” on “80s Is Enough” on

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