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Mina’s Mina Ep. 13 – The Walking Dead Theory About Negan’s First Victim

The Sunday’s The Walking Dead Season finale was CRAZY! We were introduced to the new villain “Negan,” who is suppose to be the most ruthless villain on the show yet! He’s so ruthless that in our first interaction with him he already kills someone by beating that person to death with a club! And can we just shout out Bill, ...

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Mina’s Mina Ep. 12 – Chill Moody Speaks On XXL 2016 Freshman Nomination

  West Philly’s own Chill Moody was recently nominated for XXL‘s Freshman Class on 2016. He stopped by Power 99 to talk to Mina SayWhat about the nomination process, the list itself and a variety of other things during Mina’s Mind podcast. Listen below. Vote for him HERE. Check out other episodes of the podcast HERE.  

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DA Seth Williams Speaks With Mina SayWhat On Charging LeSean McCoy For Bar Fight

LeSean McCoy and 3 of his friends (one being Curtis Brinkley who i went to Syracuse with) were recently involved in a bar fight in philly with 2 off duty police officers. When video was released that shows a man (that looks like LeSean) punching one of the police officers many called for LeSean to be charged and arrested. The ...

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