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News: Hip-Hip and R&B Surpass Rock As Most Popular Genre

For the first time ever, Rock music is no longer the top genre in the United States. Nielsen has released their mid-year report which measures music consumption in the country. Hip-hop and R&B have taken the top two spots. The report confirms that 25% of music consumption is hip-hop and R&B while rock is about 23%. Experts say that the ...

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Watch: Jay Z Discusses Hip Hop & Race Relations On ‘Oprah’s Master Class’

Oprah’s Master Class is an opportunity for “modern masters” who have made a unique impact on society to share their experiences and learnings with the world. One of the most recent Master Classes features Jay Z where he talks about hip hop’s impact on culture and the affect it can have on racism. He speaks about hip hop being more ...

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MinaSayWhat.com Exclusive: Meet New Artist “Dee 1”

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwH0E-xzcbc[/youtube] I meet Dee 1 at the Trea Da Thruth album release show.  I was immediately blown away with Dee’s lyrical abilities, but most of all i liked that his music has a message.  He bought me back to a time when hip hop actually said something. I remembered the days i used to listen to 2 Pac and Nas. In ...

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