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News: Jay Z Announces Tidal-Exclusive Concert

Jay Z B Sides

Jay Z took to Twitter over the weekend to defend his highly-criticized music streaming service ‘Tidal‘. Many don’t seem to be sold on the ‘Tidal-exclusives’ but Mr. Carter is hopeful that Tidal-only concerts and content will keep customers interested and loyal. He has announced that he will be performing an exclusive concert titled ‘Jay Z B-Sides‘ in NYC on May ...

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News: Bad News For Tidal


With big names like Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna behind it as well as the promise of exclusive content- Tidal had a strong opening week in terms of app downloads. The service vows to provide users with, “the best high fidelity sound quality, high definition music videos and expertly curated editorial” for a slightly higher cost than competing music streaming services. ...

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News: Jay Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Pulled From Spotify


As Tidal is attempting to take over the online streaming space and capitalize on exclusive content, it’s been predicted that the partnering artists will start removing their content from competitor sites. Yesterday listeners noticed that Jay Z’s album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ was no longer available on Spotify. It came as no surprise that the album was up and running on Tidal. ...

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Watch: Jay Z Discusses Hip Hop & Race Relations On ‘Oprah’s Master Class’

"Magna Carta Holy Grail" Album Release Party

Oprah’s Master Class is an opportunity for “modern masters” who have made a unique impact on society to share their experiences and learnings with the world. One of the most recent Master Classes features Jay Z where he talks about hip hop’s impact on culture and the affect it can have on racism. He speaks about hip hop being more ...

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