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DA Seth Williams Speaks With Mina SayWhat On Charging LeSean McCoy For Bar Fight

Mina SayWhat, LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy and 3 of his friends (one being Curtis Brinkley who i went to Syracuse with) were recently involved in a bar fight in philly with 2 off duty police officers. When video was released that shows a man (that looks like LeSean) punching one of the police officers many called for LeSean to be charged and arrested. The ...

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Jeezy And Mina SayWhat Talk About Church In These Streets, Dealing With Police And His Kids

Mina SayWhat, Jeezy

While promoting his album Church In These Streets, Jeezy and Mina SayWhat talked about his growth both personally and musically and the impact being arrested unjustly had on him and his music. They also play some songs off the album and he briefly speaks on his 2 year old daughter and his son graduating from high school. Watch below.  

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News: Rick Ross Explains His Ghostwriting Background

Rick Ross and Mina SayWhat

Rick Ross stopped by Power 99 to talk to Mina SayWhat and the Rise N Grind Morning Show and during their conversation Mina Asked Ross to elaborate on his ghostwriting claims. Ross explained, “Me in my earlier years. That’s what I did. That’s how I got on was ghostwrite for artists. That’s how I built a lot of these relationships ...

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Ty Dolla $ign Speaks On Getting His Jailed Brother’s Vocal On His Album And Says 2nd Album Is Coming

Ty Dolla Sign, Mina SayWhat

Ty Dolla $ign and Mina SayWhat While promoting his Free TC album, Ty Dolla Sign stopped by to talk to Mina SayWhat about working with some of the greats on his debut album. He tells her Babyface kicked him out of his studio because he was smoking and talks about getting the vocals from his brother, who is in jail, ...

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Jeezy Speaks On Tupac Not On Billboard Top Rappers List, First Week Sales, His Management Company With Mina SayWhat

jeezy and mina saywhat

Jeezy and Mina SayWhat Jeezy stopped by Power 99 to talk to Mina SayWhat about his album Church In These Streets before performing in front of a sold out crowd at Union Tansfer in Philly. During their conversation he touches on the Billboard Top 10 Rappers List and how 2 Pac should have been on the list. He also talks ...

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Interview: Mekhi Phifer Speaks On Bankruptcy Rumors

Mina SayWhat and Mekhi Phifer

Mehki Phifer stopped by Power 99 to talk to Mina SayWhat and the Rise N Grind Morning Show about his new movie “Insurgent.” Insurgent is part of the second installment of the Divergent series and Mehki plays the head of one of the groups called factions in the movie. The movie premieres on March 20th. During their conversation they also ...

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#NextOnDeck Hosted By Mina SayWhat: Justine Skye Talks Meeting Rihanna, Hanging With Kylie Jenner & Singing About Love

Mina SayWhat and Justine Skye

Mina SayWhat sat down with rising star Justine Skye for the Next On Deck new artist series that she hosts which is streamed on Power99.com They discuss Justine growing up, meeting Rihanna, and hanging with Kylie Jenner. Justine Skye also performs her new song “Collide” produced by DJ Mustard and featuring Tyga. Watch it the interview, performance and check out ...

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